The biggest issue in maintaining digital technology and economical advancements each day is the management of data—an estimate of data generated each day. When these constantly developing data got subjected to storage, accessibility, modifications, redundancy, etc., this led to a significant priority in managing data. Therefore concepts such as big data, data warehousing and so on were introduced. Furthermore, to develop scientific methods, processes, systems and algorithms to extract information and insights from structured and unstructured data, data science is used.

Data Science is different from computer science and information science. Therefore, it is an independent discipline on its own. Data science has permeated every field, including science, accounting, education, government sector, private industries and even healthcare. Therefore, managing and working with data has become the most necessary skill in today’s times. Imagine the opportunities having data skills will bring to you.

Nowadays, you might see people fanatically going after data science certification courses and programs. The reason for this is simple. As companies become more data-driven and customer-oriented, demand for skilled data sciences is also on the rise. Data science is known for making tasks seem flawless and fast. However, analysing huge chunks of data and providing feedback on it is not an easy task. Hence, data science requires a specific set of skills that have to be mastered upon. Along with this, data scientists use special tools to analyse data at a fast speed.

Most industries in India are dependent on data science for their day to day business. Be it the IT sector or healthcare. Data science has become an indispensable part of these industries. Data Science helps these sectors in making smart and quick decisions. Thus enabling them to target the right kind of customer group. According to a report published by Linkedin, Data Science overpowers most jobs and has a 37 per cent hiring rate.

There are many side income opportunities for people with a background in data science. The possibilities are never-ending and include options such as tutoring, freelancing, blogging, etc. According to a global survey on the data science certification course in the IT sector and its impacts, accredited certifications have a huge demand with pay on average 100K USD per year.

These courses assign a lot of worth to the resumes of people who are either clueless or are starting in their journeys to becoming data scientists. The job of a data scientist is a high-paying job, and the hard work and skills justify the amount of money one earns.

Taking up data science courses to study the basis of being a data scientist and acquiring technical and other relevant skills is the first thing to focus on. After this, decide on the type of data science certification course that you might wish to acquire in the future. These courses add to a candidate’s skill set by providing him domain knowledge regarding the field and acting as proof indicating that the candidate has indeed achieved a basic level of understanding regarding data science.

Due to Covid-19, many people lost their jobs, and several companies had to shut down. This has made the hiring process even tougher in the current times. Therefore, these courses can act as your saving grace by indicating growth and knowledge and adding to your existing skillset.