As online events have now become mainstream, the demand for event management platforms skyrocketed. Hosting an online event is not an easy task as you are hosting a wide spectrum of diverse attendees globally. When it comes to planning it becomes even more difficult. For that, you need an event management platform. It will allow you to host all types of live physical events in a virtual environment. From daily team meetings to large-scale conferences, trade fairs, expos, exhibitions, or any other type of event, a comprehensive event management platform can host all. The right event management platform will take care of your event right from the start till the event ends.

A comprehensive virtual event management platform comprises the most amazing networking, engagement, and data analytics features. It helps in replicating physical events and recreating mind-blowing physical event experiences in a virtual world. The pandemic has proven to be a game-changer for the event industry that accelerated the demand for online events. Today, hosting virtual events has become a part of our daily lifestyles. People around the world are taking part in one o the other type of virtual events right from their home comforts. The benefits offered by the event format had made event planners and marketers realize the worth of online events. Today, more than 72% of event planners are thinking of making it a part of future events as well.

With the paradigm shift in event patterns, many new players have emerged workpuls . Today, there are ample virtual event management platforms are available in the market that offers a range of exciting features. Selecting the one that best fits your event requirement will make your event successful and deliver optimal outputs.

In this blog, we will cover the top 10 event management platforms and software. It will give you an idea of which platform is the perfect fit for your business.

10 Best Event Management Platforms and Softwares

1. Dreamcast

A top leading global event management platform allows you to host all types of virtual events, hybrid events, and webinars. The platform is built on a safe, secure, and reliable foundation. It keeps all your privacy intact and restricts unauthorized third parties to access the event. Dreamcast offers a most amazing lineup of networking and engagement features to keep attendees hooked in the event for long hours. Right from networking tables, AI-matchmaking, business card exchange, B2B meeting scheduler, 2-Way video conferencing, and more the platform offers many such networking features. It helps virtual attendees to have real-time interactions just like physical events and even exchange information for future collaborations. However, the most exciting engagement features offered by the platform include AR/VR  virtual games, photo booths, social walls, live polls, emoticon integration, pledge wall, digital certificate, and more. It helps in replication real-life event experiences and boosting excitement in the event. Additionally, generating an accurate real-time event analytics report is easy with Dreamcast as it offers an audience footprinting feature. The features keeps a track of every attendee move from start to finish that helps organizers to measure the performance of the event.

2. Bizzabo

Another best virtual event management platform on the list is, BIzzabo. The platform offers an array of exciting features to host any event virtually and deliver immersive event experiences. It offers enormous opportunities for networking, engagement sponsorships, and more during the event. Additionally, Bizzabo is capable of simplifying ticketing systems and offers event analytics features too. It helps in measuring the event metrics.

3. Accelevents

Another popular virtual event management platform that offers user-friendly features and professional assistance to host all types of virtual events. Live polls, Live audio/video chat capabilities, gamification, AI-based networking tools, ticket sales, virtual booths, event analytics tools, etc are some of the exciting features offered by Accelevents. The features offered by the platform enable you to recreate physical event experiences in a virtual environment.

4. VFairs

It is one of the popular event management platforms that allow you to host virtual meetings, conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions. The platform offers custom landing pages that best match the brand image. Right from offering virtual briefcases to bookmark awaited sessions to engaging tools such as live polls, Q&A, surveys to analytics features, the platform has much more to offer.

5. Boomset

Host virtual meetings, conferences, and all the other virtual events with one of the best virtual event management tools, Boomset. It has helped many mid-sized organizations to host their virtual events. The platform allows you to host small-scale as well as large-scale events with thousands of attendees.

6. Eventzilla

It is another event management software that comes on the list of top 10 event management platforms. The platform allows attendees to enter their details and download e-tickets to attend an event. Additionally, the software offers various exciting features to host all types of virtual events.

7. InEvent

The InEvent is another event management platform that allows event planners to host virtual events. Guests can access the event via a personalised event app right from their home comforts. Some of the most exciting features offered by the platforms are live chat capabilities, Q&A sessions, Live polls, gamification, and more.

8. Hopin

Hopin is another popular event management platform that allows you to host virtual events and deliver immersive event experiences. The platform offers the most exciting features right from 1:1 video networking to attendee analytics feature to deliver outstanding virtual event experiences.

9. Cvent

A cost-effective virtual venue to host all your virtual events.Cvent can’t be missed from the list of top event management platforms. The platform offers an array of flexible networking features to custom solutions.

10. Aventri

Another all-in-one virtual event management platform that offers a wide range of exciting features. Right from easy registrations to badge creation, project and budget management, and more the platform has much to offer.

Over to You

In the blog mentioned above, we have listed the top 10 event management platforms that have helped many businesses to take their events online. If you are looking out for one, the above-mentioned list might help you out!