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Steps to Setting Up a Business in Jafza

Setting up a business in Jafza (Jebel Ali Free Zone) is a hassle-free and straightforward process. The pros of doing business here are many and the steps to set up a business are simple. Here are the steps to setting up a business in Jafza:

  1. Submit Applications – Interested entrepreneurs must submit applications to Jafza through one of their approved registered service providers.

TASC Corporate Services is one of the highly-rated providers working with Jafza. The application filed must include all necessary documents and attestations.

  1. Select Business Activity – Jafza offers more than 6,000 unique activities. The applicant must provide the company’s intended activity for registration.
  2. Structure Selection – The type of company structure must be selected, either it must be a company branch or free zone establishment. Most entrants opt for a free zone establishment.
  3. Allocation of License – Jafza provides a unique license for every registered business. One license is mandatory to kick-start any background activities in the free zone.
  4. Setup Business Address – The business must obtain a registered business address in the free zone before commencing operations.
  5. Register for Taxation – Once the business is registered; VAT registration must be done as per relevant guidelines.
  6. Open Bank Account – All forms and necessary documents must be submitted for opening a bank account.
  7. Complete Pre-Incorporation – All documents must pass through authentication before issuing the trade license. Other legal compliances must also be fulfilled, for instance, notarizing the MOA, etc.

By following the above-mentioned steps, companies can become operational in a hassle-free environment. By choosing TASC Corporate Services as a Jafza Company Formation Service provider, applicants are assured of a smooth and stress-free transition to setting up their business.

TASC Corporate Services offers onboarding services, dedicated customer support, and legal compliance professionals to ensure a seamless transition for the company.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Jafza

The Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) is a leading business and trade hub located close to the Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. It attracts many businesses due to the ease of setting up and running a business within the Free Zone.

By setting up a business in Jafza, companies can enjoy the openness of the market and the benefits that come with being in the world’s most integrated trading and business hub.

Several benefits are associated with setting up a business in Jafza such as:

  1. Flexible Location: The Free Zone is located in a convenient spot, being under an hour away from Dubai International Airport and boasting easy access to air, land, and sea routes.
  2. Security: Safety is ensured in the Free Zone due to its location within Jebel Ali Port Security Zone. The free zone is monitored by security systems, including surveillance cameras, assuring companies of being secure.
  3. Availability of Infrastructure: Jafza is well known for its excellent infrastructure facilities. Companies are provided with all the necessary utility services like internet, water, and electricity, making it easy to set up and manage a business.
  4. Cost-Effective Operations: Free Zone companies can enjoy considerable cost advantages due to the exemptions and incentives offered in terms of corporate tax, 100% foreign ownership of a business, and exemption from personal income tax.
  5. Technology: Companies in the Free Zone can access one-stop-shop IT services such as IT system audit and repair, software development, and many more.
  6. Legal Support: Companies are provided with legal support by the Government through the Jafza Legal Services department helping address any legal queries businesses may have.
  7. Professional Services: TASC Corporate Services – a professional corporate services provider – can assist companies in setting up a new business by taking care of the paperwork and legal requirements of setting up a shop in the Emirates.
  8. Visibility: Companies in the Free Zone can benefit by increasing their visibility to potential customers in the GCC and other international markets.
  9. Network Opportunities: Networking opportunities are in abundance within Jafza due to its large presence of businesses from global and regional markets.
  10. Business Expansion: Companies can grow and expand their business by availing of the additional facilities offered by Jafza like warehousing, shipping, cargo, and customs.
  11. Brand Awareness: Companies can increase their brand reputation and build brand visibility in the local and international markets.
  12. Develop Talent: Companies can develop and nurture new talent by recruiting from the pool of talented professionals in the region.
  13. Customer Support: Companies can benefit from the dedicated customer service center where businesses can obtain free consultancy about setting up a business in Jafza.
  14. Business Clusters: Companies can benefit from the dedicated business clusters located within the Free Zone, which are perfect for those targeting specific markets.
  15. Faster Registration Process: The registration process for setting up a business in Jafza can be completed faster with the help of TASC Corporate Services which can assist customers in a hassle-free registration process.

Companies looking to get established in Jafza can gain from augmented efficiency and cutting costs, raising it to be the perfect place to start a business.

Organizations wishing to set up can also get help from TASC Corporate Services, a quite knowledgeable corporate services provider with skills in helping firms go through the steps for setting up a business.


If you are planning to begin a new venture in Jafza, then TASC Corporate Services is the perfect match for you. Our highly-experienced professionals ensure a successful company formation process that is both cost-effective and timely.

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