Are you looking for appropriate keywords for designing your content? Do you know that choosing the right keywords can bring you more target buyers on your web pages?

Buy, why is it so? Keywords differentiate the normal text from the well-presented content that covers the concern areas of the customers.

In this information age, there is so much content available online. Only keywords can help you design specific content that will boost your website rankings.

So, let’s explore the best SEO keyword research tools:

Google Keyword Planner

If you are a newbie and don’t want any advanced keyword options, Google keyword planner is best for you. It is a convenient tool for no-budget content creation. Google keyword planner comes with all the basic features and gives accurate results. It supports AdWords monetization as well.

Key Features

  1. Find new keywords and see the search volume of present keywords.
  2. See how many searches are there for a particular time, like specific days or months.
  3. Organize keywords related to your brand.
  4. Look for commercial keywords to improve your sales.


Google Keyword Planner comes directly from Google, so it is free to use.


SEMrush is a dynamic keyword research tool that gives you complete employee tracking digital marketing solutions. SEMrush keyword overview lets you get insights into keywords and their usage. You can type a keyword and see all the data related to that graphically, including search volume, keyword difficulty, global volume, and others.

Have you thought about trending keywords in the market? It shows the keyword according to their recent popularity and demand in the market.

Key features

  1. It displays the advertising value of every keyword. Thus, you can choose keywords as per the best ROI.
  2. SEMrush keyword variations help you design creative content, and that covers topics from many angles.
  3. You can look into Local SEO and FAQs by potential clients.
  4. Do you want to hit SERPs like a bull’s eye? SEMrush is your best partner.


Small businesses can access SEMrush keyword overview services at $120 per month. On the other hand, medium businesses can use it for $230 per month while large companies at $450 per month. There is a difference in the number of projects, keywords, domain analytics, and others.


Serpstat comes with an extensive database to support keyword collection and its deep analysis. Do you want to stand apart from the competition in your regional areas? Serpstat is an excellent guide! You can create great content from blogs, articles, case studies to product descriptions with this tool. If you are looking for LSI keywords and their relevance in the market, Serpstat will lead you correctly.

Key features

  1. Discover different questions on pain areas of your customers on the topic.
  2. Get an analysis of competitor’s search volume on a keyword.
  3. Govern keyword latest trends in your niche.
  4. Check out missing keywords on your web page.


Its Lite plan is for individuals and startups with $55 per month. It goes up to $400 per month for enterprises.


Keyword Tool uses Google Autocomplete to provide relevant keywords in your industry. It is an excellent data mining tool. Do you know that you can cover international SEO with this? It is available in 83 Google languages and 192 countries. Also, an SEO company in India can help you with keyword research and content designing.

You can target search SEO keywords specific to many search engines like YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and Play Store. It even covers social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The keyword tool is easy to use for beginners as its user interface is quite simple.


Keyword Tool free version lets you search 750+ long-tail keywords. Its pro version costs around $69 per month with an annual billing option.


In brief, it isn’t easy to survive in today’s ever-growing online market without keyword tools. You can use keywords planner tools for:

  1. Local SEO.
  2. Content creation.
  3. Finding keyword difficulty.
  4. Competition in the market.

SEO marketers can use the best tools to yield better SEO results mentioned in the article above.