Have you ever seen a busy road where all the vehicles are constantly honking and all that we hear is unbearable noise? Now imagine the vehicles of different models as brands. Every brand in the present is trying to communicate through brand advertising but the question is are the customers able to hear you?

In the era where there are hundreds of competitors present for every product, getting noticed is a tough task. Not one, not two, multiple brands and simultaneously providing information about their products/services aiming to increase their sales. With every brand, you will find something different in the way they are narrating their brand story. In many instances, some brands may even look alike in the way they communicate and present themselves. These brands are talking to each and everyone in your family and friend circle. But there would always be some brands that are etched into your memory. The memory can be so strongly engraved that you might even call some products by the name of that brand. We all are well aware of toothpaste being called Colgate infinite times.  What is so unique about their brand advertising that you remember them so vividly?

Like every other brand, these brands are also talking to you. But what sets them apart is that before they talk, they hear you. They process what they have heard and try to understand what the customers said and want. This is a common characteristic that you will find among any top brands of the world.

Therefore the first thing to do to become a leading brand is to listen to what your customers are saying. The customer’s voice is the most crucial. With the ever-increasing rise in usage of social media, customers are no longer passive audiences sharing their customer experience with their friends. In a few seconds, they can share their story for the world to read and create a picture about your brand in their minds. There have been many instances where a company has lost billions of dollars due to poor customer service.

The customer’s voice is more important than ever. No longer does a disgruntled customer have to sit back silently and tell their few friends over coffee about their customer experience. With social media, customers move from a passive audience to one that creates- and that includes content about your carefully curated brand. Before speaking to the customer it is important to find out their grievances and find a suitable action plan for the same. Later, when you communicate with the audience with answers to their problems there are higher chances for them to listen to you and remember you.

Now the question arises-where can we hear the customer’s voices?

Social Media is a powerful tool where two-way communication is easily possible. Various platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook are valuable social media platforms. Spending time on these platforms and trying to understand the customer’s conversation and even sometimes engaging with them directly can give you a good amount of information on what your customers want.

Another important area from which you can understand your customers is online customer reviews. A review can have a major impact on how a customer perceives your brand and your brand story. Many studies claim that nearly 95 per cent of customers read the reviews before they make a purchase. Hence, along with a strong brand advertising approach, it should be made sure that customers are happy or not.

The other important thing to achieve is the art of storytelling to make sure that customer listens and notices you. After you have got insights from the customers, it is important to convey your story in an interesting and engaging manner. You can include the instances that a common person relates the most to. Adding an exciting punch line in the middle or climax can enhance the feel of your overall story. If we look at the example of Cadbury, many of their ad storylines have family scenes, the essence of friendship, and much more that binds a strong connection of the brand with the customers.

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Content creation is only one way of building a brand. Check out the infographic below for more tips to create your brand based on what customers are looking for!

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Infographic created by Ansafone, a provider of inbound call center services