We live in an era where remarketing, which was seen as a novelty, is becoming a necessity for businesses across the globe. In a competitive global environment, remarketing is quickly becoming one of the most profitable marketing strategies. Google remarketing is the process of using cookies to track users’ online behaviour, then to display relevant advertisements to nudge them towards making a purchase. One of the best ways to get the most benefits from this innovative marketing strategy is by partnering with a Remarketing Company that will help you deliver the highest ROI and return on your advertising spend.

In today’s business environment, there is a near-unanimous consensus that remarketing is an invaluable tool for businesses. However, there are still some myths that persist and need to be busted! And that’s what this article plans to do. If you are looking to implement remarketing initiatives in 2021, this article will not only help you learn the true facts about the strategy but also help you identify the best google remarketing agency to partner with. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into debunking the most common myths about remarketing.

There are privacy concerns

While remarketing does use cookies and device data to understand customer behaviour, no white-hat remarketing strategy uses personally identifiable customer data to re-target them. Since no form of personal information is stored, the strategy is completely legal and does not violate any data privacy laws. This myth arises from the fact that people do not understand that cookie technology is anonymous by design and are not individually traceable. If you are a business owner who is having concerns about the privacy implications of remarketing, you can rest assured knowing that you are not using personally identifiable information.

Blurn, a leading Google remarketing agency in Australia states that customers who are uncomfortable with remarketing can easily opt-out of it by simply clearing their browser history or cookie data. So, business owners need not worry about any potential customer backlash.

Remarketing is for retail & e-commerce businesses

This is a longstanding myth that has recently reared its head and is propagated on social media. While remarketing is definitely a great way to re-engage a customer who abandoned their shopping cart, it is not just for retailers. Remarketing has shown significant benefits for businesses from all domains including B2B businesses. The primary reason for this is because Google remarketing allows you to re-engage customers who are a good fit for your product or service based on their search and demographic. So, no matter what market sector you are from, remarketing can be an effective way to retarget your customers and bring them back to your website. In fact, partnering with a good remarketing company can be the key difference that boosts your business past your competitors.

Remarketing is just placing a few strategic banner ads

While remarketing in the olden days was predominantly focused on display advertising and banners, today it is a highly dynamic mix of both paid and organic campaigns that drive meaningful results. In other words, remarketing helps businesses to reach their customers through different campaigns using multiple advertising platforms including search engines, mobile platforms, social media and so on. So, it is not right to think of remarketing as just placing a few banner ads and forgetting about your customer journey.

As a leading Google remarketing agency, Blurn states that digital remarketing works on several fronts including organic, display, mobile and social remarketing, and that’s the reason why businesses have been finding remarkable results.

Remarketing is for big companies with money to spare

One of the more absurd myths going around is that remarketing is just for big companies with lots of resources. It is proven that remarketing is a great tool for all businesses and that it doesn’t require big bucks. This is why it is a perfect fit for any business regardless of its size or domain. With Google remarketing, even small businesses can effectively target one-time visitors and increase their conversion. All they need is to partner with the right remarketing company with a good reputation and industry knowledge.

Remarketing is a waste of money

Another common misconception about digital remarketing is that it is just a waste of time and money. The truth is that remarketing helps businesses to achieve a lot more than they ever thought they could. When businesses use remarketing, they become much more strategic, and they don’t have to invest much of their budget just to gain a significant result. Moreover, they can be more focused when they do their marketing, and the results become much more measurable. Also, a good remarketing agency like Blurn can help businesses use remarketing as a tool to focus on a smaller audience that is familiar with them rather than a larger unfamiliar audience, which allows them to be more targeted and specific. All in all, remarketing can be a great tool to engage with an audience that you otherwise would have missed.

Remarketing is hard to manage

Another common misconception about digital remarketing is that it is hard to manage and that it requires a great deal of time and resources to effectively manage. With Google remarketing, businesses don’t need in-depth knowledge or technical skills to get things done. In fact, any reputed remarketing company will handle everything for you. And they are available 24/7 so that you can get a quick response to your questions and issues. In fact, Google remarketing agencies like Blurn provide customised reports to their clients that help them to easily understand how their remarketing campaigns are performing and what they need to do next. Remarketing is not a time-consuming, high-cost, or even difficult process.

There you go, these are the six common myths that you need to know about before your venture to create a superior Google remarketing strategy. In addition to busting those myths, we have also provided a little bit of guidance on the roles of a good remarketing company to help you choose wisely.  If you need more clarification or want guidance in creating a superior remarketing strategy, you can contact Blurn.