Confinement nanny firms can match your family with the ideal nanny and assist you in rapidly finding a replacement should your nanny become unwell. However, you may also solicit personal references from friends, coworkers, and family members. If not, be sure to read through the confinement agency reviews to see if they are trustworthy.

Always sign a contract that includes all services, fees, breach of contract, and accident liability. Always seek official receipts when making a payment for official purposes. Before choosing a confinement lady, request her profile and, if feasible, inquire about child care and confinement to verify her understanding of her responsibilities aligns with yours.

What will the confinement nanny do?

Chong advises, “Couples should search for a confinement woman with expertise, a positive attitude, and the ability to maintain a high degree of cleanliness. A skilled nanny will have at least eight jobs each year. Different mothers have varying expectations and communicate in various ways, therefore nannies with a positive attitude are able to follow instructions efficiently. Additionally, nannies should be competent to provide scrumptious confinement meals, as this period is crucial for mothers’ health and immune development.”

Usual tasks include:

  • Bathing, feeding, and caring for the infant are examples of infant care
  • Special confinement delicacies, like traditional chicken soup, are prepared for the new mother.
  • Housework

Once you have established your nursing schedule, you can express breastmilk so that the confinement nanny can assist with nighttime feedings. Inform your confinement nanny in advance if you wish to perform nighttime feedings yourself in order to bond with your kid.

The majority of confinement nannies also have a repertoire of foods and recipes for new mothers. Determine which foods she can prepare and which are her speciality. Different dialect groups have distinctive confinement foods, so if you wish to adhere to traditional recipes from your dialect group, it may be prudent to choose a confinement nanny who specialises in preparing these dishes. Inform your nanny in advance if you are allergic to any particular foods.

How do I include her in the household?

Living with a stranger is never pleasant, but you may help her acclimatise to your home by taking the following steps:

  • The majority of confinement nannies are uneducated and hence cannot speak English. Communicate with her as much as possible in dialect or Chinese. If feasible, subscribe her to Chinese publications and give her time to view Chinese television programmes. This will assist her in feeling less alone.
  • While most confinement nannies will eat the food she prepares for you, you may like to give her the option to design her own meals.
  • Provide time for your confined nanny to phone home. You may give her a pre-paid telephone card.

How do I pay the confinement nanny?

The deposit (often a fifth or a quarter of her total charge), as you must “reserve” her while pregnant. The sooner you must reserve a confinement nanny, the greater her experience and demand (many women do so in their first trimester). The cost you will incur after the confinement term has expired. It varies based on the region. During the Lunar New Year, prices can be exceptionally high.

There is also the ang pow, which is intended to be a little symbol of appreciation presented at the end of the month. Typically, this is left to your discretion.

Do note that the Ministry of Manpower requires anybody seeking to employ a foreign live-in confinement nanny to submit an application for a work visa and pay a fee.