The effort of your staff and trainers can and does impact the number of members that sign up for using your services. Granted that the location, equipment, features, additional classes etc., all contribute to a member’s decision making process, but it is attitude and performance of the staff that leaves a lasting impression on the client. It finally zeroes down to the attitude, behavior and professionalism that your staff exhibits in dealing with clients. A positive impact greatly helps in not only retaining and existing member but also organically acquiring new ones. On the other hand, negative impact is a sure shot way to loose existing members. Thus, employee management is a crucial element in a gym and fitness studio management.

As your gym grows, inevitably there would be a time when managing the plethora administrative task will become a challenge because of the multiple variables that are linked to the process. Whether it is managing memberships to scheduling fitness sessions with your trainers, deploying staff on rotational basis, or running payrolls- the entire gamut of operations will become complicated. However, did you know that running a gym doesn’t have to be complicated? Fortunately, in today’s times you can rely on technology and deploy a gym and fitness club management software to manage all your administrative tasks. Amidst the host of administrative activities that the software can accomplish, an important one is employee management. So, if you’re wondering how the software can manage your employees and improve their performance and efficiency read along.

Plan Work Schedules

By deploying a gym and fitness club management software, you can easily plan and manage your staff’s schedule in one go. Whether you have a single facility or multiple outlets with a host of classes to offer at each location, the software can help you create work rosters in just a few clicks.

Schedule Sharing

With the work schedules firmed up, you can share the daily, weekly schedules with the trainers and the staff in just a few clicks. As a result, you can ascertain the deployment and utilization of your staff on real time basis. For the trainers, having advanced work schedule allows them to better plan their daily schedule and prepare better for the upcoming classes.

Attendance Recording

Easily track the employees attendance based on their work schedule. Keep an electronic record of their work hours and eliminate any confusion about the number of hours worked each week. As the data is electronically recorded, there is no element of human error. Furthermore, the software is designed to take the attendance record as input and compute error free payrolls and incentives.

Enhance Individual Productivity

Given how lengthy and tedious administrative tasks can get, it is needless to state that manually doing them would take longer hours. As a result, not only are your processes prone to human error, but also your employees are spending higher amount of man hours to compute those tasks and thus performing at sub-optimal level. By deploying a fitness studio management software, you can enhance the productivity of each and every employee. By training them on how to use the software you are empowering them to accomplish the task error free, and in a shorter span of time. As a result the overall efficiency of the employee increases since they end up spending less man hours on any particular task.

Run a Lean Enterprise

As a gym owner or manager you are required to think out of the box and create a lean and efficient system. Since, much of your administrative tasks are streamlined by deploying a gym and fitness club management software, your business will no longer need as many employees. Thus, you can run a lean enterprise that is focused on delivering superior customer experience without having a bloated team.

A gym and fitness club management software is an excellent tool to improve the productivity of your employees. Some of the renowned software such as Zenoti, Wellyx, GloFox, Virtuagym etc., are very user friendly and come with an easy learning curve. A US based fitness studio chain called Be Balanced, which operates at 24 locations, deployed the gym and fitness club management software from Zenoti. Within a few months of deploying the software the chain reported 30% increase in employee productivity and 6.5x increase in the number of bookings.