Motherhood is a beautiful experience to cherish in life. However, this experience can be full of anxiety and worry if you are not amply prepared beforehand. This is where the importance of maternity insurance comes into the picture. It is the kind of health insurance that covers all pregnancy-associated expenses, and here’s how you can claim it.

Documents needed for maternity insurance claim

To file the insurance claim, you need to have the necessary documents with you during the emergency. Thus, before getting into the procedure for filing the claim, you should gather the documents. Here is a list of all the documents that you need to file your maternity health insurance policy claim:

  • Correctly filled claim form
  • Admission advice
  • Policy documents
  • Discharge summary
  • KYC documents
  • Fitness certificate
  • Consultation bill
  • Pharmacy bill
  • Actual hospital bill

How to make a claim for maternity health insurance

While being hospitalized for delivery, you need to inform the insurer within a couple of hours of hospitalization to start the process of making an insurance claim. You can make this claim either in a cashless manner or as reimbursement based on the type of hospital you choose.

In case you select a network or partner hospital of the insurer, your claim is settled in a cashless manner. The reimbursement manner is chosen in all other cases.

Step 1: Inform your insurance company

The first step to follow after the admission in a hospital is to get the insurance company informed about the hospitalization and offer the necessary details.

Step 2: Fill up the claim form properly

After you inform the insurer, the company is going to give you a claim form that you will have to fill up and sign. Check the form to make sure you have filled it correctly and submit it to your insurer.

Step 3: Submit all the necessary documents

After you submit the claim form, you will have to submit the necessary documents for the purpose of verification. It will include all the documents mentioned in the detailed list above.

Step 4: Submit the invoices and bills

You will have to submit all the invoices and bills, which include doctor’s fees, hospitalization bills, doctor consultation charges, and so on, in order to get the correct amount reimbursed.

Step 5: The final enquiry by the health insurance company

The insurer will send an agent to the hospital to verify the details of hospitalization and treatment.

In case you have chosen a network hospital, you can have your claim settled completely in a cashless way. However, if you go to a non-network hospital, you’ll initially need to settle your hospital bill all by yourself. After the verification and submission of documents, the reimbursement amount will reach you within two to three weeks, and the company will settle your claim.

Financial worries should not trouble you during this wonderful stage of your life. So, apply for maternity insurance without further delay.