Canada is a country with vast mineral resources. A huge chunk of the economy comes from using these resources. Canadian mining companies are leaders in the production of uranium, zinc, copper, asbestos, gold, petroleum, etc. Enriched with copper, most Canadian companies are onto copper mining. TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) has high rates for copper mining companies. Here are the major copper mining and exploration companies in Canada.

Barrick Gold Corporation

Canada holds the rank 11 on Price water house Cooper’s 2019 list of Top-40 global mining companies, which is situated in Toronto, Canada. The company operates in both American continents, Australia and African regions, making revenue of about $16.9bn, with a workforce of 21000 people. Gold and Copper are two fields of interest of the company, as clear from the name. The company has a market capitalization of 46.7 billion. The company is very efficient and one of the great ones in Canada.

Teck Resources

Founded in 1906, the 10,000 strong company with annual revenue of 11.9 Billion, the Vancouver-based Teck Resources ranked 14 on Price water house Cooper’s 2019 list. It is a natural resource company that is involved in mining and mineral development. Its business units involve copper, zinc, and steel making. The company is well known for its copper extraction and mining. It has a total revenue of 8.9 Billion. The market capitalization is around $13.5bn.

First Quantum Minerals

Working with 20,000 strong work forces around the globe, the Vancouver-based company Ranked 32 on PwC 2019 list. Their main product is copper. Its different mining sites include Turkey, Finland, Spain, Australia. It is engaged in exploration, development, and mining. The market capitalization of First Quantum comes out to be $6.79bn. Working under Toronto Stock Exchange, the company has a net worth of about 249 Billion US Dollars.

Solaris Resources

Solaris Resources is a Canada-based exploration and mining company that is one of copper leading companies around the globe. Having a net revenue of 1.7 Million US Dollars, the company is to offer services in copper and gold. In the TSX, Solaris Resources has a constant buy rate of about 11.79 CAD. We recommend reading more about the TSXV SLS. The company has projects all over America. The projects of Solaris Resources are quite well managed, and the company is making great revenue.

Agnico Eagle Mines

Based in Toronto, the company was founded in 1957. They have been performing most of their actions and operations in Canada, Finland, and Mexico. With a net income of about 680 Million US dollars, the company has a 5,000 plus workforce, and most of the revenue is from Gold and Copper. Ranking 24 on PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2019 list, the company has much potential and has completed its projects many times, even before the due date. Its wide market capitalization of $18.93bn and one of the fastest-growing companies in this business.