In this article, two accessories will be discussed that can act as game changers when it comes to protecting your car. These are the sun shades and seat covers. Ever thought of the importance of these two? No? Let’s get into it then.

Importance of Car Seat Covers:


Protecting the factory seats is a significant selling point for car seat covers. Roads are dirty, so dirt and grime will always find their way into your car. Even with kids buckled in the backseat, accidents with drinks and snacks are inevitable. When you use bench seat covers in your car, you protect the upholstery from spills and stains, and you also save time and effort cleaning it.

Filters Out Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

In addition to shielding your seats from the sun, car seat covers provide additional protection for your upholstery. The sun’s rays filter through your car’s windows and eventually discolor the dashboard and seats. This is why lots of people also put dashboard covers on their cars. Use the sun as a synonym for bleach. A car’s seats will fade faster in direct sunlight.



If the inside of your car, truck or SUV is starting to look a little worn from use and age, new seat covers are an easy way to revitalize the space. Seat covers are useful for covering up unsightly stains that you have been unable to remove from seats.

Upholstery covers are also useful for disguising worn or faded furniture. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a used vehicle and plan to treat it with the care and respect it deserves. Add some seat covers to the seats to spruce up the interior.

How a Sunshade Can Help You

First, Maintain a Temperate Indoor Climate.

If you have a sunshade, you can relax in your car without getting overheated. To add to being comfortably seated and having easy access to the steering wheel. This is a real advantage of using your sunshade. How many of you have sat down on a leather chair in the summer while wearing shorts, only to be greeted by the searing heat? Ouch. Surely it sparks some nostalgic thoughts. Wearing shorts, a skirt, or anything else that will expose your legs to a hot leather interior is fine as long as you have a custom sun shade for car. It will no longer be necessary to wear driving gloves because of the heat generated by the wheel.

Speed Up the Cooling Process

A sunshade can help your car’s air conditioner out by blocking some of the sun’s rays. Trying to cool down a car when it’s 35 degrees is much easier than when it’s 65. An Australian summer’s day can quickly raise the temperature inside a parked car. If you picture the typical summer morning, when it’s only 30 degrees outside, the inside of your car will be comfortably warm at 60 degrees within minutes. The temperature inside your car can rise by 20 degrees in just five minutes.