We all have a space in our lives that we call home. Why not make it the most peaceful and happy place possible? Home is more than just where you sleep, or what’s inside; Vastu art can help decorate your place with positivity for increased well-being!

In this blog, you will learn about different elements of Vastu, importance of Vastu from Architecture view and most famous Vastu Paintings. Additionally, you will explore some places from where you can buy paintings online from the Vastu Shastra painting category at reasonable prices!

Importance of Vastu Shastra in Architecture

Nowadays, the architecture of homes, offices, and other places are done keeping in mind Vastu Shastra. This is done to keep all the negative energies away from your home and workplace.

Even if any home or office is not built as per Vastu rules, anyone can make their interior Vastu-appropriate by adding Vastu paintings. Each element in these paintings highlights some positive quality and keeps the space positive and motivates all the time!

The Elements of Vastu Shastra

Here are some elements of Vastu Shastra that can turn any aura into a positive one and helps eliminate negativity effortlessly!

Let’s explore these Vastu elements:


The very first element of vastu is Earth. It is believed that it maintains the peace at any place. It makes sure that everyone stays down to earth (kind) and motivated. Therefore buying paintings online that depict mountains, green landscapes, and hills can help you keep the atmosphere happy and inspired!


The second Vastu Element is Wind. It gives life to all other things and characters on the earth. So, the paintings such as Wind horses, Wind forest, and more in any place can keep people’s mood happy and motivates them to keep up the good spirits!


Fire is a powerful element of Vastu Shastra and can change mood and energy at any place in no seconds. It can change the aura of any place and turn it into a vibrant atmosphere. The hues of fire that is orange and red also add good energy to the space. Paintings of light fire, candles, or even sun are a good choice!


Any space can hold the whole system together. Space assists you to form synergy for all people living in that area. Therefore, get paintings that show Sky, Sun, and Moon.


Water is the main element that is responsible for the existence of all organisms on the earth. It has the power to maintain good energy in any home and induce calmness in people living there. Consider buying paintings online that have rivers, oceans, or waterfalls for the needed effect.


The hues of nature and the sheer vivacity of yellow and green, make any space energetic and keep it undisturbed. These colors are known for their comforting features. Therefore, paintings showing dense forests and bamboo are perfect!

Perfect Vastu Paintings: Seven Running Horses Paintings

Talking about the perfect Vastu paintings, you have so many options, including landscape painting, floral painting, and more. However, there is a painting that comes with all the above mentioned Vastu elements i.e. Seven Running Horses painting. This specific painting is a true addition to any home or office because it has motivating elements, including earth, water, fire, wind, and space.

Final Words

The paintings that are Vastu appropriate make the space livable and positive. Such artworks support you to make your home or office a better place to live or work in.

To buy paintings online from Vastu Range, you can check out some of the famous platforms like The Bimba, Fizdi, ArtZolo, and more. These sites are offering all these paintings at low budget so you don’t have any reason not to buy them and improve the look and feel of your home/office setting!

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