If you are regular with CBD, you would be able to describe the taste of CBD. You can bet there would be hundreds of ways to describe it: raw, earthy, grassy, a little nutty. It is not by chance that there are so many associations. Since our taste receptors differ, we each perceive tastes and flavours differently. It’s much more difficult with CBD oil because manufacturers use a variety of extraction procedures to create the final product. If you cannot stand the flavour of CBD like most of us, don’t worry because, in this blog, you are going to learn different ways to incorporate CBD oil into your lifestyle. 

First, let’s understand a little about the flavour of CBD oil 

Did you know that the strong flavour of CBD oil is due to terpenes, which are found in many plants? They exist naturally and contribute a specific scent spectrum to cannabis, pine, lavender, and other plants. That means, if a brand is claiming their CBD oil or cbd oil for pets online doesn’t give off a strong smell, they are probably using some ingredients to mask the smell. 

How to make your experience with CBD better? 

  1. Take it in capsule form: If you want the flavourless option, you can choose CBD capsules. Simply swallow it like a regular pill. It also eliminates the need to count drops and monitor dosage because the capsules come in precise doses. However, there are a few factors to consider. CBD capsules, unlike sublingual ingestion, metabolize slower and have a low absorption rate. With that being said, it is an excellent alternative for individuals who are just starting with CBD and its effects.
  1. Combine your CBD oil with something tasty: Many individuals prefer organic honey because of its convenience. Simply mix the CBD oil drops with a spoonful of honey. Place the mixture beneath your tongue and enjoy the sweet flavour while absorbing CBD. Another option is to put a little piece of your favourite chocolate beneath your tongue before putting the CBD oil drops in. You may even go a step further and slightly melt the chocolate to allow it to properly dissolve in your mouth with CBD oil.
  1. Combine CBD oil with yogurt: You don’t like sweets? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Yogurt is nutritious, plus it will hide the taste of your CBD oil. Add the required amount of CBD oil to a spoonful of yogurt and take the mixture sublingually. There is an alternative if this is not your favourite way and you do not want to hold it under your tongue. Simply swallow the mixture to reap the benefits of CBD oil use orally. Choosing yogurts with a higher fat content is a good option because it aids with CBD absorption.
  1. Keep a snack on hand: Many people claim that the aftertaste of CBD oil irritates them more as it can linger in their mouth for a long time, and drinking water does not always help. If this is the case, keep a snack on hand to quickly eliminate the aftertaste. It might be anything from a chocolate bar to your favourite fruit.
  1. Make use of mints: That’s all there is to it! If eating or drinking after taking your CBD oil feels like a lot of work, try masking the flavour with mints. You can take a couple after taking CBD oil sublingually, and the grassy flavour will go away much faster. You can also chew gum as an alternative. Chew for about 10-15 minutes after taking CBD oil, and you won’t even notice how the hemp flavour in your tongue fades
  1. The colder it is, the better: You’re undoubtedly aware that the best place to keep CBD oil is in a dark, cool place. CBD’s properties will be preserved in this manner. Heat and light both cause the CBD to degrade faster. CBD users cool it down before consuming sublingually. Perhaps this is due to your tongue’s reaction to the cool temperature and freshness rather than the flavour profile. To put it another way, your taste buds are distracted from the taste. It’s a basic trick, but it works.
  1. Include CBD oil in your favourite food: Sprinkle it on top of your fresh green salad or drizzle a few drops on your crunchy morning toast. Taking CBD oil with food is also supported by research. According to a 2019 study on the therapeutic effect of CBD, those who take their CBD oil with a meal absorb significantly more of the chemical. This is especially true for fatty foods, which appear to increase CBD absorption into the circulation. So, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your CBD oil and don’t mind waiting for the effects to show, adding it to your meal is the way to go. 

Note: Remember that when using CBD oil sublingually, it should stay under your tongue for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. That is the amount of CBD required to enter your bloodstream via the sublingual membrane. The longer the duration, the greater the absorption rate. But you don’t have to go all out and count the seconds until you can finally get it over with. Hold the CBD oil under your tongue for as long as you feel comfortable. 

Important Aspects Before Choosing CBD Oil 

With the increased popularity of CBD-infused goods, you should be wary of low-quality brands 

  • Poor manufacturing procedures and practices, among other things, can cause CBD oil to taste unpleasant. Some companies may extract the required chemicals from the hemp plant using petroleum solvents. These solvents may leave a residue in the final result, As a result, the CBD concentration is decreased, and the flavour profile decreases. Proper extraction and filtration processes ensure that your CBD oil has a better flavour.
  • Credible hemp manufacturers select high-quality hemp crops to ensure that the plants are free of pesticides and other potentially dangerous elements. As a result, the greatest CBD oil comes from hemp plants grown by licensed farmers in the United States. Hence, when you are buying CBD oil make sure to ask the company from where they have got the CBD strain. 
  • We cannot emphasize this enough, only use high-quality CBD oil. You don’t want to settle for the average when it comes to CBD. Hempstrol is one such brand that assures excellent quality and maintains the same quality whether they are manufacturing CBD oil for humans or cbd oil for pets. 

So we are saying, 

It’s reasonable to say that the taste of CBD oil and cbd oil for pets is very earth and it is because it contains hundreds of terpenes, which contribute to its complex, rich taste and flavour character. And it’s quite normal to find it weird or even a little off-putting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the product. However, this should not prevent you from getting all of the benefits of CBD!

We bet if you try the aforementioned ways, you will be amazed at how the flavour of CBD changes and enhances the flavour of CBD, making this experience an exciting journey for you and your taste buds. Remember, you can be as inventive as you like here. Some people even drink soda or sweet fruit juice immediately after putting CBD on their tongue. Then you simply keep the drink in your mouth as the oil absorbs. Despite the fact that it dilutes the CBD slightly, you will still feel the effects and love the taste more.