The year 2023 for the film was extraordinary. As the pandemic’s long shadow began to fade, cinema returned in all its endless diversity, packing theatres to the point that two summertime blockbusters that defied box office records by opening on the same day were dubbed ‘Barbenheimer’ films. Very few people were expecting “Barbie,” a doll-themed movie, or “Oppenheimer,” a movie about a nuclear disaster to have a competition. Now, though, see them as they captured the Oscar sweepstakes, their glowing reviews accompanied by cash signs. Both are among the best of the year, up there with another famous master Martin Scorsese classic about America’s brutal history and so on. This article will talk about the top 10 hollywood movies from the year, 2023.

Number ten; May December

The slick trailer for Todd Haynes’ film has been labelled as a comedy. What accounts for the tears that are streaming out of their eyes, then? Pay close attention to Charles Melton’s heartbreaking portrayal of a stunted manchild still in shock at the marriage to a complicated and thorny Julianne Moore, who had been imprisoned for enticing Charles while the boy was only a seventh grader. Viewers will be thrillingly unbalanced as Natalie Portman; the manipulative actress gets ready to deliver that twisted love tale to the big screen.

Number nine; The Zone of Interest

Risk-takers like Jonathan Glazer produce films on the Holocaust, but in order to make a point, Jonathan chooses not to show the viewers any of the atrocities that occur when the Nazis murder Jews at Auschwitz. Rather, Glazer concentrates on commandant Rudolf Hoss (Christian Friedel), who, together with Rudolf’s spouse Hedwig (Sandra Hüller) as well as their kids, go about their everyday lives as though they are blind to the smoke and the cries coming from the house next door. This critical warning is difficult to witness and impossible to ignore, echoing the alarming growth of hatred in current times.

Number eight; American Fiction

The brilliant debut picture from writer-director Cord Jefferson is full of innovative comedic ideas. Jeffrey Wright plays Monk, a Black author who is enraged and disappointed that the well-reviewed novels never find a buyer in Monk’s greatest and most provocative film role to date. It appears that the audience is primarily interested in stories that play with stereotypes of Black violence and poverty. So, Monk, under a fictitious identity, enters the opposition club and achieves amusing and sharply satirical outcomes. Viewers will laugh till they cry reading this story about an artist who compromises their own morals.

Number seven; Barbie

The background of a Mattel doll might have been used by a Hollywood hacker to make quick money. Rather than playing it safe, pioneering filmmaker Greta Gerwig gave a hot-pink fantasy of female art that will have viewers thinking long after the chuckles stop. Margot Robbie’s doubt-ridden Barbie partners up with Ryan Gosling as Ken. And the guys who aren’t paying attention are the ones who believe Gerwig is anti-male because the woman is challenging patriarchy. Gerwig is a thoughtful and kind woman. If viewers pay attention, they could pick up some knowledge.

Number six; Poor Things

Get ready to be amazed by Emma Stone’s blatantly fearless performance in this wild and breathtakingly gorgeous feminist fest directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. Stone portrays a suicidally unhappy pregnant woman who jumps to death, only to be brought back to life by a deranged doctor (Willem Dafoe). Willem replaces the woman’s dead brain with the brain of the unborn child along with holding out hope that Stone would eventually be able to begin a slow and gradual journey towards a sexual as well as psychological awakening. Being a skilled provocateur, Lanthimos creates films that are unlike anything else. Viewers won’t recognise what struck them.

Number five; The Holdovers

This latest success from “Sideways” filmmaker Alexander Payne, which has already been heralded as a new holiday classic, offers tenderness that isn’t to be confused with weakness. Paul Giamatti excels in the role of a grumpy professor who has stayed in college for Christmas break to watch Dominic Sessa’s student Angus, who has nowhere to go. As the movie transforms clichés into harsh realities, Oscar front-runner Da’Vine Joy Randolph plays the school chef who is unable to shrug off the suffering.

Number four; Maestro

In this unvarnished and heartfelt film about conductor-composer Leonard Bernstein, Bradley Cooper—who also serves as director and co-writer—reaches the pinnacle of their career. Cooper is the Oscar winner for making a heart-stopping performance as the maestro whose feelings are unconstrained by a particular genre of music or a certain sex. As the woman who coexists with Bernstein’s angels and devils, Carey Mulligan is on par with Bernstein on an emotional level. Cooper’s labour of love, a work of musical beauty, transports viewers to the thrilling sensation of witnessing an innovator in the thrilling process of crafting themselves as a person.

Number three; Anatomy of a Fall

Without Hüller (who is also acting in the previously mentioned “Zone of Interest”), no list of the best performers of 2023 would be complete. Hüller lights up the big screen in Justine Triet’s Forensic Anatomy about a Marriage. The film keeps viewers glued to their seats with its compelling story of a widow on trial for murdering Samuel Theis by shoving the man out of a window. Hüller offers a performance that is impossible to shake as a successful novelist having to cope with the demise of an on-screen husband (Samuel Theis). The script written by Triet as well as Arthur Harari, which blends a courtroom drama with a magnificent fight of the sexes, is as deviously creative.

Number two; Killers of the Flower Moon

Is Martin Scorsese becoming too much of a given? Even though Martin was shut out of the Oscars and gave rise to more clumsy jokes about how long films are these days, the story of the murders that rocked Oklahoma’s oil-rich Osage Indian Reservations in the 1920s is “just” another late-period masterpiece from the greatest living director of film. A darkly ambient true-crime epic inspired by one of America’s founding sins. Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Jesse Plemons are among Scorsese’s usual cast of A-list actors who deliver outstanding performances. However, Lily Gladstone, who was not as well-known before, plays Mollie Kyle, an Osage woman who is subtly tormented by the idea that has let the devil into Mollie’s heart, house, and belonging.

Number one; Oppenheimer

A year for films should be deemed extremely excellent if a three-hour doomsday scenario about the life of the atomic bomb inventor dominates both the box office as well as the Academy Awards. Christopher Nolan’s legendary biopic is an unexpected smash not just because of its difficult subject matter but also because of the breadth of topics it explores, including war, nuclear fission, guilt, love, marriage, the Spanish Civil War, the Red Scare, the apocalypse, and the end of the world. As J Robert Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy was outstanding. Because of its portrayal of the terrible reality of nuclear fission, as well as its striking images, this film comes first on the list.


The year proved itself to be successful for numerous movies, especially the ones on the list. These movies touched the audience’s interest but also delivered exceptionally beautiful and raw stories. Here top movies from the year 2023, including hollywood survival movies like ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’.