Food is an essential part of the day when you have a wedding. You want everyone to be complete and satisfied and go home talking about the great food they had at the wedding. However, deciding the best catering for the wedding can be overwhelming. If you are wondering about the best catering to choose between BYO and in-house catering, we are here to help. You should know the following things about the two options to help you pick the ideal option.

Before you go on to pick the catering services, it is crucial to know the options that the venue allows. Some venues require you to use its chef, while others allow you to bring your caterers to Birmingham. Therefore, confirm with the venue first before making the decision. Here is a comparison of the two choices.


Caterers specialize in certain foods and services. Even though you will do a lot of work to choose the best, you will have control over what they do. That means you will likely be more satisfied with their food and services. In-house caterers may not specialize in the food you want. They may also not meet the quality standards. Therefore, if you have to go with in-house catering, ensure you choose a venue that is well known for its top-notch and bespoke services and food quality.


Wedding venues have a minimum of what you must pay irrespective of the number of guests you are hosting. That means whether you hold a large or small number, you will pay the minimum before the rest of the calculations. On the other hand, BYO catering services Birmingham don’t have a minimum. You will pay for what you need if you discuss with the staff the number of guests they will serve. Therefore, you may pay more than you need with the in-house option. However, the BYO option is cheaper since you pay based on your pick.


When it comes to coordination, in-house catering may be the best option. You will not need to worry about coordinating the venue and the caterers. The staff is familiar with the equipment, facility, and overall kitchen. Therefore, the chances of mishaps are minimal. On the other hand, the caterers you bring from outside may be the first time they are using the venue. Therefore, working in a new place may present several mishaps. However, as long as you have the most professional and trained BYO caterers, it is possible to have smooth coordination without any issues.

Menu Options

Some venues may allow you to customize your menu, while others have created menus you should choose from. Therefore, if you have no idea where to start planning the menu, using in-house catering and selecting a menu from their set may be a good option. However, it means your guests will get what is available and not what they like. Therefore, if you are considering personalizing your menu, bringing your wedding caterers Birmingham will make more sense.

Key Take a ways

When choosing a venue, knowing if it allows you to bring your own caterers is crucial. Selecting the food to prepare and the services to provide your guests will be easy. Therefore, weigh the choice between using in-house caterers and bringing your own and choose what suits you best.