During the pandemic, there was a significant increase in users downloading fitness apps. With the closure of gyms, people turned to online fitness apps to track their calorie intake, step count, and sleep quality. This trend allowed individuals to receive personalized training sessions at home, resulting in saving time and money that would have been spent commuting.

Sensor Tower reported that the number of Health and Fitness app downloads in Europe alone reached 290 million in 2021. It is evident that the online fitness industry has gained immense popularity and shows no sign of slowing down. In 2023, the mental and fitness market continues to grow exponentially, increasing the number of fitness apps available in app stores. As a result, users are becoming more selective in their choice of fitness apps, considering the vast array of options available.

Today, our focus will be on discussing how voice synthesizing software can enhance the online fitness experience for your users, leading to increased user acquisition and retention.

Online fitness and the global pandemic

The online fitness app industry saw a surge during the quarantine period. In 2020, 71k new fitness apps were launched. However, global lockdowns confined people’s everyday activities to a single room. Their homes turned into their workplaces, coffee shops, gyms, and even restaurants. Even after restrictions were lifted, many clients continued to opt for remote online training sessions, reducing commutes and allowing them to train whenever convenient.

Before the pandemic, gyms and fitness centers were not active social media users, and they did not look for ways to take their business online. COVID-19 highlighted existing problems and facilitated digital transformation across the tech sector.

As a result, the fitness industry has been reshaped by some of the coolest fitness apps available today, such as:

  • Sweat, a Fitness App for Women, offers personalized workouts led by co-founder and trainer Kayla Itsines.
  • Daily Burn is an excellent option for anyone who dislikes routine workouts and offers a wide range of full-body group workouts, kickboxing, strength building, yoga, etc.
  • Obe Fitness offers shorter workouts, some as fast as 5 minutes, making it easy for users to incorporate them into their daily routines. The app also provides 22 live classes and over 5k workouts.
  • Lastly, for yoga enthusiasts, Glo offers all styles of yoga, two pilates styles, and over 500 meditation courses, with classes suitable for beginners and advanced yogis.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant increase in new users and subscribers for online fitness apps. However, many of these apps were not prepared for the sudden surge in demand, particularly for generating fresh content.

Daily creation of unique workouts can be daunting, requiring significant time and resources. In this context, exploring the potential of voice cloning technology in streamlining content creation for online fitness apps becomes critical.

Voice cloning can elevate your online fitness business to new heights

The combination of video, voice, and sound can be a game-changer for online fitness apps. It enhances the user experience, fosters community, and drives motivation. However, many fitness app developers need help to create high-quality audio content that meets the demands of their users.

In today’s world, users expect more than just basic workout instructions spoken in the voice of Google Translate. They crave human interaction, especially during remote times. Lackluster robotic speech is unlikely to inspire anyone, particularly during strenuous workouts

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem. Voice synthesizing software can help online fitness app owners produce personalized and natural-sounding voices that motivate and engage users. This software lets you quickly clone voices, add multi-language personal trainers, and create a feel of in-person training sessions with a coach.

By incorporating voice cloning into your fitness app, you can deliver a unique and personalized fitness experience to your users that sets you apart from the competition. Let Respeecher help you streamline your content creation process and revolutionize the online fitness industry.