Marriage can be difficult at times and sometimes the union of two people is not enough to sustain its foundations. Life is all about taking the right decisions in the right moment and knowing when to give up or when to continue a bond. If you’re willing to fight for your marriage to sustain it in the long run, get an appointment with a certified divorce mediator soon.

A certified divorce mediator is all you need to get you through the tough phases of your marriage and come to a resolution that you and your partner agree upon. Emaediong Umoh is an experienced divorce mediator who specializes in fields such as divorce law, child-related issues, and family law. Many a time, the issue is smaller than it seems. Sometimes talking about issues makes them bigger but a certified divorce mediator knows how to tackle such obstacles and strains in a marriage.

Get advice from an expert and save your marriage because if you don’t save it, who else will? It’s also important that you and your partner both agree to have an appointment with a divorce mediator. He also deals with issues related to children and families. There can be different scenarios you can be stuck in such as child custody, family property, etc. All of these issues can be dealt with easily with the help of a certified divorce mediator. You can also connect with EJ Umoh Pinterest Profile.

A Book Written by Emaediong Umoh

There are plenty of divorce mediators out there but not everyone puts in the effort it takes to write a book. Nonetheless, he has written a book that has gained quite popularity in the recent past. The name of the book is “Aspirations: The Story of How A Man Who Wanted To Change The Criminal Justice System Fell Victim To It”. The book narrates a story of a man who is a pre-trial defendant who wants to fulfill his goals while hurdling through a plethora of obstacles.

You can find more information about his works on Google Scholar. He has also collaborated with various writers in books about nutritional food. Some of these books are:

  • African Journal of Food Science
  • Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science
  • Nigerian Journal of Nutritional Sciences

Some Information about Emaediong Umoh

He is a certified divorce mediator and a member of the ADR company under the Family Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association. He has years of experience working for a divorce mediation firm in Philadelphia. He has earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Kutztown University. He has also earned a child welfare certificate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work.

For his exceptional commitment to human service and legal scholarship, he has been awarded the New York Court of Appeals Pro Bono Legal Scholar. Furthermore, he has also been awarded the Cali Excellence for The Future Award in multiple legal arenas such as legal writing, trial advocacy, and negotiations. Furthermore, he has gained quite a popularity in the sports field as well.

The Press Release about Emaediong Umoh that You Should Have a Look At

Check out Press Release About Emaediong Umoh. According to the digital journal, the Umoh Foundation, in the field of alternative dispute resolution, is none other than a rising star. That is so because the goal of the foundation is “to assist families in conflict through dispute resolution”. According to his beliefs, mental health service is a human right and should, therefore, be available to every human being. This belief alone is at the heart of the Umoh Foundation which works commendably to provide mental peace and mental health services to everyone who needs them.

He is one of the best divorce mediators because he has authenticity in his work. He is ready to contribute what it takes to come to a resolution that is agreed upon by both parties. Sometimes, marriage instead of being a union of two souls can become stressful and frustrating and at that moment with the help of the right guidance can it be saved. If you or anyone you know is dealing with a tough phase in their marriage, make sure you recommend the best divorce mediator to them.