Can you imagine having everything in one convenient location?

Think less—the answer is right here. It’s time to try out a brand-new purchasing approach that has nothing to do with Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle.

Let us introduce you to two of the best wholesale markets in Dubai.

Best Wholesale Market in Dubai

The Dragon Mart

As its name suggests, Dragon Mart is an enormous department store. It is for sure one of the best wholesale markets in Dubai. So, let our dragon take us on a spin where we can shop, entertain, and dine.

About Dragon Mart

Chinese cultural exchange between the United Arab Emirates and China was given a boost in December 2007 with the opening of Dragon Mart, the largest Chinese shopping mall and trading hub for Chinese products outside of Mainland China. Supplies for the entire complex can be found in a single location, with thirty percent of those supplies coming from small and medium-sized businesses in the area. In addition to its 8,200 parking spots, Dragon Mart is home to more than 6,000 restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Dragon Mart has introduced a web storefront (dragonmart.ae) that links consumers in the UAE with local merchants and SMEs. The website allows users to sort and find over 45,000 products available at Dragon Mart. Home, Games and Toys, Electronics, Fashion, and other popular categories are highlighted on the site.

What to shop at Dragon Mart?

With over 3,500 outlets, Dragon Mart offers an incredible variety of world-class shops that sell premium Chinese products in Dubai. It has everything you need. All their shops’ products are imported from China’s most renowned trademarks, including clothing and accessories, electronics, furniture, home appliances, household goods, building materials, garden items, toys, machinery, and many other stores.

Dining at Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart has over 52 restaurants, including popular fast-food chains and some of Dubai’s best cafes. You won’t run out of places to eat if you go there. Treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the many global and local franchises, which offer a variety of dishes that will make you want to return again and again. You and your family can enjoy a meal at some of Dubai’s most affordable restaurants. After that, you can attend one of the many family events held at Dragon Mart and spend time with your family.

Entertainment at Dragon Mart

Experience the many exciting attractions and events of Dragon Mart. Parents can rest assured that their children are safe and secure in the designated play areas.

Play on their specialized football field or check out Fablyland, both of which are fantastic entertainment options.

Souk Al-Marfa

The second-best wholesale market in Dubai is Souk Al-Marfa; here’s what you need to know about it.

About Souk Al-Marfa

Located in the middle of Dubai, Souk Al Marfa is the city’s largest and most central market. Nakheel Malls collaborated with DP World, the world’s largest provider of integrated logistics services, to construct the mall.

Souk Al Marfa is on the Dubai Islands, strategically placed north of Dubai. It is close to the Dubai airport, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates.

Its location on the island also connects it to Mina Rashid, allowing it to ship and import directly to its shops and pavilions. One hundred percent foreign ownership, the ability to repatriate capital and profits, the simplicity of logistics and ancillary services, and a lack of red tape are just a few advantages that Souk Al Marfa offers its merchants.

Shop at Souk Al-Marfa

Enjoy an exceptional shopping experience with over 7,000 shops and pavilions, including electronics, household products, fashion, food, health and beauty, pet shop, smoking accessories, carpets, and dry food. Check their retailers’ list here.


Stop by one of the cafes for a meal or a cup of coffee to regain your energy after a day of shopping. Spend time with your loved ones at one of the many cafes or restaurants in Souk Al-Marfa. Check the dining list here.

We’ve shown you two of the best wholesale markets in Dubai. It’s now up to you to pick one and experience a new shopping concept.