When a leader takes into account the right strategy to guide, instruct, and direct a team, team members are highly motivated for a common purpose. When we say successfully leading a team, it means that the team is capable enough to achieve the organizational goal by mitigating numerous challenges and risks. Good leadership enables and empowers the team to reach the collective or individual goal. Being an effective leader isn’t easy as they are responsible for composing and structuring the team—leadership structures team excellence.

The objective of appointing a leader is to overview and supervise every activity within the team. You should know about Richard Nahas, who is an effective leader in integrative medicine and CAM or Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and developing tools to promote wellness. Dr. Richard Nahas has worked as both an emergency room doctor in many Canadian hospitals and has also worked with shamans, gurus, and traditional healers in developing countries around the world.

Read further to know how teams are actually managed and led by leaders to reach the peak of success:-

  • Delegation Of Task

Delegation of authorities develops future leaders. It will be a boost to the career of employees and raise their morale positively. Leaders should identify the right individual for the tasks depending upon their abilities, skills, knowledge, and talent. Comparison of skill sets is a good option to recognize the most eligible person. Furthermore, the roles and responsibilities must be actively discussed within the team.

  • Active Listening

Good leaders like Elon Musk always support their team members and motivate them to share their ideas. The members may suggest unique creative ideas upon distinctive situations; only leaders can recognize the best option to solve troubling issues. Leaders should understand the perspective of others so that the team members may feel more confident.

  • Lead By Example

Whatever a leader does for the organization, it would influence the team members anyhow. Their actions, behaviors, and attitude greatly impact the perspective of other individuals. Instead of words, leaders guide with their acts. The team members will be inspired to imitate the leader’s actions.

  • Provide Honest Feedback

Providing feedback is the best way to let the subordinate identify the areas of improvement. A leader’s feedback can either destruct or construct one’s motivation to do tasks more precisely. Thus, they should provide honest but constructive feedback. True leaders seek feedback from their team members as well for their performance.

  • Reward The Achievement

No matter whether it is a small or big achievement, it has value for the individual who has achieved it. Leaders should retain talent by recognizing and appreciating the achievement at the right place and time. Not only are monetary rewards effective, but appreciation through calls, emails, and text can also boost their confidence.


Team leading is a strategic process that drives the performance and motivation of the team to achieve difficult goals. Every organization must focus on hiring real talented leaders who will be focused on boosting teamwork and performance. Main goals can never be achieved under poor leadership.