Most of the new leaders of today’s generation focus on what a leader should do, but significantly less information is given regarding the don’ts. A good leader is not born with unique qualities and talents but made with experience, hard work, and consistency. If you’re a new leader to a group of people, you will surely make mistakes while making decisions or communicating with your team. But mistakes are the portals of discovery. And once you enter this portal, you will be on your way to becoming an excellent and successful leader.

Today, we won’t discuss any fancy tips and techniques one must apply to make a good leader. We’ll be specifically talking about the common mistakes that new leaders make when they start their journey on this bumpy business ride. Being a good leader like Kelly Sills Coastal Bridge Construction Company owner is all about developing perspective and awareness of the situation. So here are common mistakes a new leader should avoid.

● Not Dedicating Time

Most newly made leaders tend to make this mistake at the start of their journey. Leadership is not a hobby at all. It may sound like one, but it isn’t. Leadership is all about leading your whole team to a common goal while maintaining a productive work environment. You can’t take leadership as a part-time job that you do besides your business.

You need to be there when your team needs you, make the right decisions, and guide them in the right direction. So, not dedicating enough time to being a leader is the first mistake you can avoid while starting your leadership journey.

● Being Unavailable

Another mistake that you should avoid while starting leadership is being unavailable at all times. This mistake is one of the significant differences between a boss and a leader. A boss always acts like a king of the castle that you cannot access, but a true leader is like a team’s captain who is always accessible and takes part in the team’s activities. A team leader is like a captain of a ship. You will never see a captain locked away in a cabin enjoying merrily while his squad struggles. A captain is always available for any hurdle that may come in the ship’s route. Following this, you should never be unavailable for your team.

● Not Motivating Your Team

The last mistake on the list that you should avoid is not motivating your team enough. Good leaders across the globe like Kelly Sills Baton Rouge-based business owner, always tend to motivate their team around them. A few words of motivation can go a long way. Also, any team performs better if they receive continuous boosts of appreciation and encouragement. So, remember always to motivate your team and give them the confidence to perform any task.


Leadership is not a quality that one is born with. It takes decades of hard work and dedication to making a successful team leader. However, by following these three tips, you can avoid the simple mistakes everyone makes when they start their journey as a team leader.