Tiny homes are the proof that if you get creative you can maximise every inch of your house. They truly hold the secret to creative storage spaces and clever furnishing pieces what serve multiple purposes. With the right strategies and some smart tips and tricks from us here at We Buy Any House, you can transform any small space into a well-organised and fully efficient home.

We have compiled a list of clever storage ideas which will help you utilise even the tiniest bit of space you have in any of the rooms of your house and consequently make you feel more comfortable and at ease in your own home.

1. Multipurpose Furniture

Having furniture which doubles as a storage space is a key in small houses. Anything from skirted sofas which can hide some storage boxes underneath to beds, chairs and benches that open up and reveal hidden storage are extremely important in order to fully utilise your space efficiently. What’s more, often these types of furniture pieces are even convertible as well which is just another reason as to why you should invest in some dual-purpose ones for your tiny home.

2. Make Use of Your Walls

Walls are normally the number one untapped resource in not only small houses but any. The amount of vertical space there is on a wall can be used for many purposes other than hanging artwork.

One way to use your wall space is by placing shelves and utilising the height of it. Find yourself a nice tall bookshelf which reaches the ceiling of the room and the amount of storage you can put there will astonish you.

Moreover, wall hooks are such an underappreciated item which will not only make your home look cooler and give you that vintage vibe, but it will also provide a lot of space to store things like your kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and even cups.

Something which could be considered a little extra is mounting things on your walls. One example is having a wall mounted bike rack. Sounds crazy, right? However, anyone who has ever owned a bike and had to store it in their home will tell you how annoying it is and how much space it takes up. Having a bike rack on your wall can make your space look very chic as well so be bold and try it out for yourself, you may be surprised by the results.

3. Utilise awkward spaces

We all have that awkward space which cannot be used or filled with anything, so it just stays clear most of the time. That does not have to be the case because even though there may not be suitable furniture, things can be customised. Just because it has been customised though, does not mean that it will be much more expensive than normal furnishings. What’s more, you can make a DIY project out of it as well and create something that can solve your storage problems. For instance, that awkward space under your bathroom sink is almost never used but you can get your hands dirty and customise a cabinet that fits under and it will be both pretty and efficient.

4. Make Use Out of Doors

Doors are the other highly untapped into resource amongst all households. They are great for storing space above and directly onto them. Many people use the back of their doors for storage racks that can be used for anything. Whether you want to store some shoes in the back of your laundry room door or toiletries behind your bathroom door, they really are a fantastic way to save space and cleverly hide your storage.

5. Utilise Your Hallway

Rather often people do not use their hallways in the most efficient way unfortunately. Space really is limited there and sometimes hallways tend to be quite narrow, long and uncomfortable but that does not have to stop you from getting creative with what you have got there. Firstly, make sure you have cabinets that are not in the way but can contain all your essential everyday shoes. Secondly, having shelves in your hallway does not necessarily have to be weird. Even though it is not quite common, it can still look good and most importantly it will give you more space for storage. Moreover, you can keep your hats on hooks and make use of the walls here too.

With the constantly increasing house prices, you may have to make some sacrifices, however, do not let the small houses scare you away. Nowadays there are so many innovative furnishing pieces and smart solutions to the lack of space problems, that all you need is some motivation, clever thinking and perhaps some DIY skills. 

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