Basketball tryouts can be nerve-wracking to someone who has never experienced them before. We all want to do well in whatever we do, and basketball is no exception. Basketball tryouts are essential for every team because they help the coaches find out what their players’ strengths and weaknesses are in a basketball shoot game so that these players can get the best possible chance of playing on the team. In this article, we will discuss 10 steps that you should take to ace your basketball tryout!

What are basketball tryouts?

Basketball tryouts are an opportunity for you to show your skills in an indoor basketball facility and on the court and help coaches who are coaching basketball shooting determine whether or not they want to add you to their team.

What are the benefits of basketball tryouts?

There are many benefits of participating in a basketball tryout, including helping others get better at their basketball shoot game, working with teammates that may become lifelong friends, improving yourself as an athlete, sharpening your game skills through different drills/activities during practice sessions, and most importantly having fun!

Tips for basketball tryouts

1. Practice and Prepare

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a basketball tryout is to practice in a basketball shooting facility. You must be confident in your abilities and show this during tryouts, so give your all every time you’re on the court!

2. Be Smart and Understand the System

You should be familiar with any systems or plays that will be used at tryouts. If there are complicated sets, make sure you understand them well enough before trying out for a team.

3. Do the Little Things Well

At basketball tryouts it is not always about doing one big thing extremely well; sometimes making many little things look good can lead to strong results too! For example: if shooting three-pointers consistently isn’t what makes you valuable as an athlete then don’t try to focus all your energy on that one thing.

4. Showcase What You Do Well

There’s no better way to put yourself in the best position to be noticed by the coaches than showing them what you are good at! Even if there is a scout or coach that has seen you play, tryouts allow consistency.

For example: if their first impression of you was something negative such as missing three straight free throws then they will expect more mistakes when watching again in person.

5. Be a team player with a great attitude

You need to be selfless and not care about how many points you score, but instead play for the good of the team. This is crucial because coaches want players who are coachable-and if their best option isn’t scoring but setting screens or playing defense then they’ll appreciate it much more than someone trying to shoot at every opportunity even when it’s not necessary! It doesn’t mean passing up opportunities though; find the balance between putting yourself in a position for success without being selfish by taking shots out of necessity rather than habit.

6. Communicate with the Team

Don’t be afraid to speak up! If you’ve got a great idea, don’t keep it in. A team needs everyone involved and contributing so make sure that they know what your thoughts are on certain plays or strategies; whether you agree with the coach’s decision or not.

If you’re shy then try starting by asking questions about different aspects of the game: “How would we set up our offense if we had more time?” Or “When is this play most effective?

Also, listen carefully when others talk-don’t just wait for your turn! So many players think only about themselves rather than their teammates which can quickly cause problems within a team. Be someone who puts together what other people say and builds upon it.

7. Make the Right Mistakes

There are certain “mistakes” that are good things to do in basketball. Missing shots is a big one as many players are too hard on themselves when they miss, but there’s always something you can learn from your mistakes.

Everyone wants the perfect game every time, but it doesn’t happen often. So, make sure you’re constantly learning and growing as a player even if it means making some bad choices along the way!

Also remember that this “learning” should be specific to your position/role on the team, so don’t just copy other people or try out strategies without first understanding them fully yourself. This will only confuse you and lead to more problems than before.

8. Listen Well

Remember to listen well during the tryout process! This means paying attention when coaches give feedback, listening for plays that are called in-game or at practice, and understanding what your coach is saying even if it’s not directed towards you personally.

You may be thinking “But I already know how to play basketball!” This doesn’t mean you’re always going to understand every single thing a coach says as they will often use new words/phrases – especially those more specific to their team.

This also helps them see that you care about improving yourself as an individual player too which can help with some of those harder tasks like making mistakes or being selfless on the court.

9. Hustle Hard

Working hard at yourself is a sure-fire way to impress the coach. They’re looking for players who are willing to put in extra time outside of practices and games because they know what kind of dedication it takes to be a good player at their gym – nobody can succeed without hard work!

Tryouts aren’t about how many mistakes you make, but rather if you’ve learned from them by giving 100% effort on every play regardless. If you hustle, communicate with your teammates while also being supportive regardless of playing or not then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have made that team!

10. Stay Healthy

If you incorporate all the other steps in this article without making sure that you are taking care of yourself then you won’t be able to give it your all when the time comes. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and fueling up on healthy food to have a successful tryout!


Hopefully, this article has helped anyone who is going through basketball tryouts understand what steps they need to follow to stand out from other players and make their team. Remember these ten keys for every aspect throughout the season so that way there’s no doubt as to why you deserve a spot on the roster!