Whether running your own business or leading a team, the best leaders require a strong set of leadership qualities to help people by spreading positivity and inspiration. When thinking about the concept of leadership, many think that it is the same as management, but it’s not.

Studies suggest that leadership qualities aren’t in-born — people can obtain sound knowledge about leadership qualities by learning over time. We recommend reading more about Nathan Garries, a successful financial advisor, and wealth manager. This article will highlight five major qualities possessed by every leader.

They are good at communication: Leaders are skilled communicators who can communicate in a variety of ways. Good communication skills are one of the leadership attributes that are crucial while leading your team with a great vision. Not everybody is good at communication, but it matters a lot. Effective leaders know their team members. They have to work on cross-cultural communication to end shyness and work more productively. Yes! There are many factors involved while managing a team. Still, effective communication with your team strengthens your bond, and being able to express yourself openly and build empathy is the foundation of effective leadership.

They are authentic and self-aware: Great leaders know themselves. They are self-aware of their drawbacks and flaws. It’s a great quality of an effective leader that he goes through the situation first himself then suggests to others. Consider it or not, self-awareness is paramount for effective leadership. Authentic leaders know their strengths, and they have the quality to hide and work on their weaknesses.

Responsible and empathetic: Leaders are motivating personalities. They have a sense of responsibility because they have the most important task on their shoulders. They work on their team and show dedication. Have you ever seen a leader who is not responsible enough to work and lead a team? None! Right? It is because leaders know their purpose and how determined they are to achieve it. Leaders are empathetic with a sense of responsibility, and their empathy is correlated with their job performance. Research shows that more empathetic and positive leaders are more likely to view better performance out of their team.

They influence positivity: What if you are good at every requirement of being a leader but lack a positive vibe — your face looks dull, and you don’t spread motivation. Will you work with such a leader? Obviously no! Leaders have big smiles on their faces. They work by spreading positive vibes and influence every team member in the right way. Positive vibes always make team members feel energetic, and leaders get successful in making their peers work more efficiently.

They possess great decision-making ability: Every leader like Nathan Garries possesses great power of decision-making. Decision-making power and the ability to make good decisions are difficult to achieve, but a great ability that every great leader possesses.


Leaders are your mentors. They can stand up and work for the betterment of other people. Leaders possess many abilities, and they know how to make things work. They are leaders. Motivators and influencers. They have a complete grip on themselves and know how to manage themselves and their teams in every situation.