In addition to being a widely popular photographic genre, fashion photography is also a highly competitive one. Understanding the many fashion photography styles may provide you with the competitive advantage you want to comprehend the sector and wow potential customers with your photographs. As a fashion photographer, you can concentrate on one or a number of them. Each kind does have a distinct scope, which determines what you require and how you go about it.

Types of fashion photography explained by Bruce Weber

Editorial Fashion Photography

An editorial fashion shot is one that communicates a story via the use of the photograph. It will be necessary for the photographer to get images of the model whenever he or she is sporting a fashionable dress and even in the middle of performing an action. This particular style of fashion photography is particularly distinctive and well-known. It genuinely depicts their way of life and what they are up to on a daily basis. These kinds of photographs are often used to tell a tale in publications. According to  Bruce Weber , they are also in high demand at the moment, with editorial fashion photographers commanding the highest salaries.

High Fashion Photography

This is the most well-known of all the corporate photography categories that straddle the boundary between commercial and fine art photography. Fashion photographers are frequently featured in museum exhibitions and are very well known across the world.

When it comes to high fashion photography, you’re not only selling or exhibiting the items; you’re also showcasing the creative vision and style of the design companies. Because this style of photography necessitates a large-scale production, you may forget about reality and let your imagination run wild.

The stars of the show are either top models or well-known celebrities and actresses. In this scenario, the fundamental aim is to promote the ideas and talents of all of the intellectual parties involved: the clothes designer, of course, but also the cosmetics and hairstylists – and don’t forget, your own!

Photography for catalogs

Catalog photography is, in fact, a subset of the product photography genre. The only true distinction between catalog photography as well as product photography is the presence of a model in the shot. Despite this, clothing continues to be a major attraction.

Fashion photography, at its most basic level, is called fashion photography. The clothing and

labels are the only things that are important here. In this shot, the model is secondary to the

clothing he or she is wearing, which makes for a more minimalistic composition. The primary

goal of this picture is to encourage people to convert to your product. The primary goal of this

catalog fashion photography is to sell a dress while also building a brand.

Look book

A look book is a means to demonstrate to people several ways to dress in different situations. Instead of a blank backdrop, it frequently includes a photograph of a real site. People are able to visualize what they might seem like in ordinary scenarios as a result of this.

Look books are becoming more and more similar to editorials as a result of the merging of lifestyle and fashion. In contrast, the distinction between such a look book as well as an editorial has been that a look book does not have a narrative. It similarly exhibits clothing to catalog pictures.

If you want to make a fashion photography career, you must follow famous American photographers like Bruce Weber for tips and suggestions.